Body Confidence

I am a Woman, I am Confident, I got Style & Poise, I own my Space.  I am Body Confident!

Confidence is Beauty

About Us

Body Confidence International Pageant 

Body Confidence International Pageant Pty Ltd is the first of its kind in SA, specializing in DIVERSITY!

Women are usually defined by size and shape, we are boxed into categories. BCI says NO MORE! We stand for diversity and body acceptance. We promote a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.

I am a woman, I am confident, I’ve got style & poise, I own my space. I am Body Confident!

Presenting Body Confident beauties and role models through an international pageant, fashion shows, seminars and training, coaching and awareness campaigns.

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Body Confidence International Pageant

Eric Butterworth once said, “The desire to do something is proof of our potential to do it.”  This quote is the foundation on which the Ms & Miss Body Confidence International ™ Pageant was laid.

For decades, little girls have dreamt of wearing a crown.  But for many, this dream had no potential of being realized because the size of the one that reached for it was larger than the rules allowed.  But now, all of that has changed.

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